As from August 31, 2017, the Operation “11 Million registered voters” has witnessed an extraordinary development in about three months of deployment. Thousands of Cameroons, young people, have voluntarily been involved in the operation accompanied by ELECAM in all the 10 regions of Cameroon and in other countries in the world. Nevertheless, half of the Cameroonians of voting age are still to get involved in the electoral arena, either as voters or as candidates. The inequitable electoral system has rendered the task to engage people in the voting process very cumbersome. Therefore, it is a passionate challenge that patriotic and courageous Cameroonians have decided to undertake within the framework of the 11 Million Citizens.

There is an increase in the number of actors and members. Time has come for us to personify our membership with a card. This is something new. There are personalized PVC cards (or plastic cards). Innovation, durability and modernity pushed us to choose this type of cards. The 11 Million Citizens Cards are available in Cameroon in three categories: WHITE, GOLD and PLATINUM. There are also available in CEMAC countries and all over the world in only (2) categories: GOLD and PLATINUM



The acquisition of a card goes beyond the simple act of membership to the Movement. The citizen who freely buys his or her card, finances through this sacrifice, the accomplishment of his or her commitment on the field. These cards are produced thanks to the support of compatriots. The purchasing of these cards will complete sacrifices of others. “DEMOCRACY IS PRICELESS, THOUGH IT HAS A COST”.

Cabral Libii

General Coordinator

Gold Card
Platinum Card